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We all hate fees, but we think being honest about them up front is important.

The fees we charge under "OUR FEES" are fees you pay Homiro to process your loan.

All other fees are third party fees you will have to pay no matter which service you choose to do your refinance. Some of these fees you can shop for while others you cannot.

We provide recommendations for services you can shop for but you are under no obligation to use them. We are confident our prices are competitive but if you find something better it is always your choice.

You can choose to roll these fees into your loan which means you do not have to pay them up front.

Here is a glossary of the fees:

  • Underwriting Fee - For the process of verifying identity, income and assets.
  • Escrow - For the secure transfer of funds and the paperwork required.
  • Title - For the transfering of the deed to the property.
  • Credit Report - For determining your credit score.
  • Notary - For signing legal documents.
  • Tax Service and Flood - For ensuring property taxes are paid on time.
  • Recording Fee - For recording the transaction.