What is refinancing?

A brief introduction to what a refinance is and why you might or might not want to go through with one.

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Refinancing is when you apply for a new mortgage loan to replace your existing mortgage.
Most people refinance when mortgage rates drop to save some money, but everyone will have different goals, such as:
  • Lowering your interest rate to pay less total interest
  • Shortening the term of their mortgage
  • Changing the type of mortgage rate from adjustable to fixed or vice-versa
  • Converting home equity to cash for financial emergencies, home renovations or other large purchases
Refinancing is a service you should shop for. Not all lenders are created equal and all lenders have a different process.
Getting a good deal is key. But with something as big as a home loan, finding a company that you trust that will produce the results you want is just as important. So, shop around before you settle on a lender.