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Case Study: Pre-Inspection Reports

75.6% download rate

100% of buyers entered valid contact information

17% more offers

32% of buyers placed higher offers

Photo of Listing Agent, Bobby Chatih
It increased traffic, offers, transparency, and confidenceI'm very happy we decided to use Homiro Transparency Packet for my listing. It increased traffic, offers, transparency, and confidence with buyers willing to bid higher and more aggressively. My listing stood out from the competition. Here are the stats that happened on my listing even with interest rates being in the 5-6% range.

Bobby Chatih (Listing Agent)

I increased my bid...It's a shame that this isn’t done in every home. I increased my bid after seeing that the home had minor repairs, almost like every home does. It's already tough as is to get your offer accepted and then you have to pay 500-600 dollars just to figure out if the house is even worth it. It's such a buzz kill.

Lydell Hall (Buyer)

...made me more excited to offerI'm a Marine veteran and I heard getting a VA loan looks at the property to make sure its in a certain shape. I sent this to my lender and they said it looks good to go, which made me more excited to offer on the home.

Arthur Vasquez (Buyer)


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